AZ Oasis Pools believes that proper pool care begins with water testing and observation of the pool equipment operation. Weekly we test for total and free chlorine, pH, and alkalinity. At a minimum of once per month, we also test for cyanuric acid (stabilizer), calcium/total hardness, total dissolved solids, phosphates, and temperature. If strange things are happening with your pool, i.e. can’t keep chlorine in the water, we may test for other contaminants such as nitrate or nitrite. Many pool companies only test pH, chlorine, and maybe alkalinity. An inadequate testing routine makes it impossible to properly care for the pool water.

We use an online service to document each service visit including chemical measurements, services performed, and other observations. The field services manager regularly reviews what each field technician is doing throughout the day. Recorded information is also used to assess the effectiveness of our chemical treatments.

Each Weekly Visit Includes the following:

  • Turn on equipment and inspect pump & equipment for leaks, proper operation and listen for anomalous sounds
  • Test water chemistry and determine which chemicals to add for proper water sanitation and balance
  • Add chemicals to properly sanitize and balance the pool
  • Electronically record measurements and chemical additions and observations
  • Clean Salt Cell (as needed)
  • Empty pump, skimmer, and in-line baskets
  • Brush the pool tile line, steps, and walls
  • Backwash filter as needed

Each Full Service Weekly Visit Includes the Service Above As Well As:

  • Skim top of water
  • Remove large debris from bottom of pool
  • Vacuum (as needed)

We Also Provide the Following Services:

  • Pool School – Instruction
  • Special One-time Clean Ups
  • Vacation Service
  • Monsoon Cleanup
  • Inspections

Project categories: Weekly Maintenance

Pool Perfection

  • Background in Hydrology
  • IPSSA Sick Route Coverage
  • Environmentally Conscious
  • CPO Certified
  • Members of the Independent Pool & Spa Association
  • Our technicians are Employees of AZ Oasis Pools