Our mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with Peace of Mind regarding their swimming pool. Whatever problem your pool is experiencing, let us help you solve it. Our highly trained and dedicated technicians utilize a proven system to take care of your pool. We believe, common sense equipment maintenance and using established scientific principles to maintain your pool water chemistry will maximize your pool enjoyment, keep your pool safe, and protect your backyard investment. AZ Oasis Pools serves Chandler, Tempe, Ahwatukee, West Gilbert, and West Mesa.

Arizona’s summer heat, monsoon storms, and hard water create a unique challenge for your pool water and equipment. While anybody can remove debris or throw buckets of chlorine in your pool to keep the water clear; only trained knowledgeable and dedicated technicians can properly maintain all aspects of your pool. We remove the stress of pool ownership and keep your pool in excellent condition year-round. We specialize in weekly pool water maintenance, pool cleaning, pool equipment maintenance, pool equipment and plumbing repairs.

Our dedicated technicians take the time to service your pool properly. At AZ Oasis Pools, we consistently invest time and money training our staff in proper maintenance techniques. This ensures your pool is cared for correctly, increasing the life of your water and equipment. Improper chemical maintenance can make a pool dangerous for swimmers and cause premature equipment failure. Improper equipment maintenance can lead to expensive repairs and potentially dangerous equipment malfunctions. Let us help you protect your backyard investment.

One of our Core Beliefs is to minimize the use of hazardous chemicals and impact to the environment. We believe in keeping the chlorine levels in your swimming pool as low as possible, while still keeping the pool safe. There are several ways to accomplish this goal and we talk with each client to determine the best path to take. We evaluate technologies to assess if they may provide our clients and the environment a benefit, and whenever reasonable implement cost-effective ones.

Pool Perfection

  • Background in Hydrology
  • IPSSA Sick Route Coverage
  • Environmentally Conscious
  • CPO Certified
  • Members of the Independent Pool & Spa Association
  • Our technicians are Employees of AZ Oasis Pools